Monday, December 19, 2005

Because Toys For Tots Was Taken

Compton, CA

This last weekend marked a milestone for Compton. Two new murders brought them up to a whopping 70 homicides this year, a 56% spike over last year's count of 39. Way to go, Compton! Woohoo!

For some reason, Compton isn't keen on the name "Deadliest City In America". Go figure.

So they've started a new program called, wait for it, Gifts For Guns, where the city is handing out hundred dollar gift certificates to Circuit City and Toys R Us for every gun brought in.

At last count that was two hundred and twenty.

No questions asked.

Turning in a murder weapon: $100.00
Walking away scot-free: Priceless

Call me when they've got a body exchange. Angeles Crest is getting a little full these days.

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