Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Can Only Say I Hope He Hurt Real Bad

Darrel Nelson, alleged killer of Mary Dasaro, kicked Friday, after spending two days in critical condition for self inflicted second and third degree burns. The news seems a little slow on this one. Guess I've gotten too used to the internet.

I know, that in the grand scheme of the universe, everyone's a victim. I'm sure he was troubled, I'm sure he was sick. I just wish that he could have avoided taking someone else with him.


Anonymous said...

As an anger management teacher in LA...I have to view my students as victims...if i did'nt I would not have the strength to teach them another way inspite of their hostile actions. It helps to know that people do things for a reason. I have met anyone yet who was born with destructive murderous tendencies....we are taught that growing up in L.A

Shannon Munford
Daybreak Counseling Service

Anonymous said...

Im sure no one will read this but he was my ex b4 ms mary k. Hes parent r nothing like he was. It was just something in him. And a cycle. Relationship after relationship ended the same way. I caught a view of it but was quickly shaken off after all communications were cut. I feel for her family to this day and wished she had takin my advice. But hey who am i?