Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Following Up On Stephanie Creech

Canyon Lake, CA

This may be the most interesting thing I've run into all day.

I got an anonymous comment this evening on this January 27th post about Stephanie Creech's abduction from Canyon Lake in Riverside County.

Gee, I was at the house when the "ASSHOLE" took Stephanie. It took two attempts. The first time he didn't expecte to see me there. I have personal issues with the fuckin' informant(that is how he got his early release) like half the population of Canyon Lake. Needless to say the weak ass left empty handed. The second attempt he came with a Large pipe...take her. That may sound bad, but listen to what Stephanie told me two hors prior to this. I asked her why she gave up her young daughter and goes with this punk every time. She answered..."THE EXCITEMENT." They deserve each other.

I haven't dug much into Ms Creech's abduction since I first heard about it, but I just now took another look at it via Google and found this article from Channel 3 News in Palm Springs.

Apparently, Channel 3 got an interview with her current boyfriend, Steve Whisler, who's house it was that Richard Gurzi allegedly set on fire. After the fire, according to the article, they went to a friend's house, where Mr. Gurzi found them again, smashed several house and car windows, and bailed before police could grab him.

The next morning, Mr. Gurzi showed up with a metal pipe, and abducted Ms Creech.

So, here's my question. Who are you, O Anonymous poster? Are you Mr. Whisler? The friend whose house they went to? A random pal who happened to be there the morning he showed up with a pipe? Now I respect the desire for anonymity as much as the next guy. More so, in fact, if the next guy happens to lean toward the right. But, damn, I'm curious.

My hope is that, ultimately, Ms Creech will be found safe, and unharmed. As to the state of their relationship, I can't even begin to conjecture. I wouldn't know where to start.

I think that a lot of this situation, though can be summed up with a description of Mr. Gurzi.

Richard Gurzi is 37-years-old, 6 feet tall. He has a “Gurzi” tattoo on his back, and the names Justin and Julia tattooed on his arms.

Like I said, I wouldn't know where to start.


Anonymous said...

How amazing!! Dont let the girl fool you, im sure she went willing with him! Any woman that would leave her daughter is a total loser! I know her well and know that she loves the thrill of an asshole like Eric!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie went without a fight and had several chance to escape and call home, which she did neither. I also heard while in Mexico they carjacked a old man. That is what happens when people are on drugs. I agree! any mother who gives up there child is a LOSER and my question is why didn't Stephanie get charged with anything I think she should of been held responsible as well. Oh well her time will come!

Anonymous said...

I met Stephanie after this happened. She was a frequent visitor to the home I lived in. She was still on drugs but she wasn't a bad person. I was 17 at the time and she and I were very close. However I do know for a fact she left the state about 3 Yeats ago and has changed her life around.