Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And You Thought Photos Added An Extra 10 Pounds

Long Beach, CA

Long beach police have released a composite sketch of a man wanted for attempted kidnapping. He's approached two women so far, threatening to shoot them if they didn't get into his car. Both escaped and gave their descriptions to the police.

With luck, he hasn't been successful. With more luck, they'll catch him before he is.

What gets me is that he's described as being between 160 and 180 pounds. 160? Based on the picture, that guy's a good 200 if he's a pound. And ugly.

I wonder if this sort of thing gets into the profiler's report. "Based on his crimes I'd say this man is a bed wetter, probably has a small penis. And did you get a load of that picture? Of course he's trying to kidnap young women. I mean, would you date that? Yech."

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Trace said...

These fuckers are everywhere. It's astounding how many women will actually get into a car with a strange man.