Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gunfire? In Los Angeles?

Torrance, CA

Police in Torrance responded to a shots fired call last night, finding a man suffering from a gunshot wound. He later died in the hospital.

And over in South L.A. someone was injured in an officer involved shooting.

It's not that someone died or was injured that bothers me. Well, yeah, it bothers me, but this is a different kind of bother... I mean... I'm not... Okay, maybe I am, but...

Look, this shit happens all the fucking time out here. Why are these particular situations any different from the dozens of kids hauled into County every night with bullets in their asses? Is it just a slow news day?

Quick! Somebody go cut off somebody's head, or something.

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Lorax said...

This is like the more global phenomenon of "an Amurkan soldier was killed by an IED" - cue weeping - "and in other news" (meaning, stop crying now)"18 Iraqi bodies were found in a mass grave, all shot execution-style."

Or the amplification of any percieved injury to a member of a privileged population, vs. the mass-grave anonymity of countless violent offenses (as you implied in your comment) in SouthCentral or EastLA.

Like I'm not one of the petty privileged.