Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It All Comes Down To Money, Doesn't It?

Los Angeles, CA

Last night, Taja Jones was found dead in her car, shot. Recently she and her brother, Woodrow Hart, had inherited about a million bucks from their mother, who died in September.

Last Thursday, after discovering that some of that money was missing from her bank account, Taja left work to go to the bank, and then to pick up her 14 year old son. She never made it.

Something tells me this one won't be tough to piece together.


Trace said...

*Shaking head* Yup. It's money all right.

I love your blog, Stephen. I'm a true crime slut.

shawnita said...

It's so easy to piece together, yet they still haven't arreste anyone and it's about 9 months later!!!

Anonymous said...

The enemy will be exposed by the end of this year! In Jesus name! The killer can't rest because can't rest!!!! Mock these words..Taja will be put to rest for real!!! EXPOSURE IS HERE!!! You can run, but you can not hide!!!

Anonymous said...

Enemy cant rest because she can't and is not resting... typo