Monday, April 10, 2006

What Is It About Politics That Brings The Dicks Out?

Los Angeles, CA

John Stolpe, a Long Beach police officer running for mayor was arrested by a Griffith Park ranger Thursday for allegedly exposing himself.

Stolpe told the Press-Telegram the park ranger "put handcuffs on me, pepper sprayed me and shoved me down three hills ... Now I know what Rodney King felt like."

Well, yeah. It's a little known fact that before half a dozen cops beat the shit out of Mr. King for driving faster in a Hyundai than it is physically possible to do, he was seen waving his junk around at the monkeys at the L.A. Zoo.

But there are indications that Mr. Stolpe's story doesn't quite ring true.

Jane Kolb of the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks said, "There is no indication there was any kind of battery," she said. "He had scrapes on his knees and elbows because he fell when he was running away from the ranger," she said.

So head on out to the polls Tuesday, Long Beach. The city's future awaits.

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Sandra Ruttan said...

Look, it's perfect.

Either he wins the election because of all the press from his, er, um, incident and playing the Rodney King card


He loses the election and blames it on the media and this sensationalized incident and sues them for losing.

And I'm really glad the r and l aren't too close on the keyboard, typing in certain words.