Monday, May 01, 2006

And He Wonders Why She Wants A Divorce

Fountain Valley, CA

Christopher Jason Brown Sr., 41, is being sought by Fountain Valley police today after allegedly driving up to his estranged wife, Stephanie Maria Brown, 25, while she sat in her car and unloading a shotgun in her general direction. The fast way.

Good thing she had that door between her and him because she's expected to survive. Note they don't say "recover", they say "survive". With a shotgun blast to the upper body this could be a very important distinction.

So, anyway, that's him up there. Ain't he a darlin'? He drives a '93 black Ford Thunderbird with California license plates. Number 4FXZ630.

So if you've seen Mr. Brown or his Thunderbird, call the Fountain Valley police at (714) 593-4485.


Joe said...

This is the Piece of Shit that shot my sister. In the very near future, he will pay.

Please help us any way you can. My family and I thank you.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for all your help I am doing better now. He has been found and awaits trail now. Thanks again. Stephanie Maria Brown/Lucio

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I hope u r ok...Love, Dina and Deonte

Roni said...

Stephanie ~
Why would you keep in touch with him and visit him in jail. Come on - wake up.

His wife.

steph said...

fuck you and your still with the bitch right? remember he divorced you and i divorced whos the stupid one. YOU! wake up yourself your the one who cant move on awww

trish said...

This shit face is such a loser.
Has 13 kids and never took care of any of them. Thank GOD that He is Locked Up and Never Getting Out!!!