Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And They Say We're Only Fourth In Road Rage

Los Angeles, CA

If there's one thing you can bet on with a holiday weekend it's vehicular manslaughter.

On Saturday, a 17 year old girl was charged with murder after chasing her former girlfriend's SUV through a red light and into the pickup truck of an off-duty firefighter and an MTA bus. The girlfriend, Shayla Phillips of Pacoima, was killed and the firefighter, name withheld, is in critical condition at Northridge Hospital. Have you noticed in this town we're willing to shoot our police officers, but don't you dare fuck with our firefighters?

Then down in South Los Angeles, two people were shot by a man in an SUV. A female passenger died and the male driver was injured in the elbow. For once this doesn't look like a gang related shooting and the police are treating it as a road rage incident.

Over near Inglewood, though, it is a gang related shooting. Hyde Park near Crenshaw. Saul Reyes was shot outside his home when a Dodge Stratus drove up and opened fire, striking him several times in the legs and upper body. He died at the hospital.

Remember folks, only a month before the next holiday. Buy your body armor now.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I'm the sister of Shayla Phillips and I hope that this tragic incedent dose'nt get swept under the rug. The only reason the media even spoke on it is because of the fireman however there were several other people involed. Thank you for even metioning this on your site.