Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dead In The Suburbs


Now this is an interesting bit of detective work and speculation.

Rodger Jacobs, over at 8763 Wonderland posts an email he received from Steven Huff over at Huff's Crime Blog.

Mr. Huff has done a little digging and it looks like the address where the three corpses were found might possibly belong to one Curtis Cleveland of Dusk 'Til Dawn Productions, purveyors of such fine XXX gonzo porn as "Amateur Cream Pies" and "Beach Bunnies with Big Brown Eyes". I can't imagine what they might be talking about with that title.

It remains to be seen if he's right or wrong on this, but either way, this should be an interesting story to watch develop.


Garden Grove, CA

It's easy to forget that the suburbs can be just as crazy dangerous as the city.

Three people, a man, woman and 8-10-year-old child, were found dead in a Garden Grove home last night around 7pm Monday night. A baby was found unharmed at the scene.

It's unclear when it happened and names and details haven't been released, yet. The police are treating it as a triple homicide, though.


anne frasier said...

that's really interesting.

let us know if figure out the bunny thing. :D

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Oh. Oh, Anne. Don't make me spell it out here. We don't need another post like Terrenoire's Rusty Trombone discussion, do we?

anne frasier said...

i missed that. good thing, i'm guessing. :O