Friday, May 12, 2006

Does This Mean We Get To See Pictures Of Bratton's Kittens?

Los Angeles, CA

The LAPD has been making some interesting headway lately into the digital realm. They revamped their website some time ago, put up the city's most wanted list, lots of monthly statistics, and launched the ever popular LA Crime Maps.

So it shouldn't be all that surprising that they now have a blog. Unlike the L.A. Fire Department's blog, they don't seem to be giving information on particular crimes or incidents.

Instead, they're using it as a PR vehicle more than a useful information site. Sure, if you want to know about the new Northwest station being built, or read editorial rebuttals to newspaper accounts, by all means check it out.

But that's not really what a blog is supposed to be, is it? Blogs are places to dump your most personal, embarrassing photos, diatribes on your pets’ latest antics, angsty poetry for the world to see and mock. And if you can piss off some anonymous guy who can barely type, so much the better.

So what they really need is to take some cues from MySpace. Stoned party girl pics, fuzzy boob shots from a NoHo drunk tank. Post the day's best mug shot. Come on, Chief, there have to be dozens of pics of 3am tweakers with a broken noses and blown out pupils that you can throw up there.

Can't ya share? Just a little?

Hat tip to Mack at LAVoice

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Lorax said...

The public demands choir practice photos! And any limbo dancing shots, of course...