Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Domestic Spats And The Enterprising Con Man

Long Beach, CA

And you thought your relationships were bad.

Charles Crutcher has a rather colorful history. Born in Los Angeles, he moved to England in '77, posing as Lord Peter de Vere Beauclerk, the son of the Duke of St. Albans. Though he married and had a daughter, he continued to seduce a string of women, including the daughter of the royal jeweler, eventually asking her to marry him.

When the engagement announcement popped up in the London Daily Telegraph, the real Lord Peter saw it and went with the police to arrest him in a pub.
As plainclothes officers moved in, the pretend peer jumped into a rented car and sped off, dragging along one policeman who was hanging on to the car's door handle. He drove through a rhododendron hedgerow to escape.

In the '90's he tried to sell a stolen painting, Teniers "A Peasant Filling His Pipe", to a London gallery for $150K.

When the gallery realized that the painting had been stolen back in '87, Crutcher was back in California working in a Belmont Shore sports shop for six bucks an hour. During the course of two trials a number of ex-girlfriends from Britain and the United States testified against him.

He went to prison for a year.

Fast forward to today. Jeannie Maxon knows Crutcher as Charles Decrevecoeur. She met him 7 years ago in Long Beach, where he claimed to be a firefighter and a paramedic. She didn't find out his real name until one of his ex's heard about her and showed up at her door.

She then went on to dig up the truth, finding out his past and checking with the Long Beach fire department, which says he never worked with them. He even misspelled the fire chief's name on his fake ID. She kicked him out of her life and he kept talking his way back in.

Well, she's apparently done now. Jeannie has brought a suit against him and is trying to make things public to warn off other women. Chuck seems to be a little vindictive, however.
Decrevecoeur has retaliated by alleging to the Department of Motor Vehicles that she is an unfit driver, reporting her to the Internal Revenue Service as a tax cheat, telling the college where she takes classes that she made unauthorized use of a school database and accusing her of misrepresenting herself to a healthcare group to get free passes to a trade show, according to court papers.

I've always had a grudging respect for chutzpah and con men. The way I respect alligators and tax attorneys. Don't get me wrong, the man's a slime. And if I'm right about him he's just loving that his name's in the paper. It wouldn't surprise me if he googles himself and finds this, in fact.

So just in case, hi Chuck. How's it hangin'? Stay the fuck away from me and mine.


Lorax said...

Hey, Chuck, would you adjust that target around your neck? You know, the one that says "Beat the shit out of me on sight"? Gee, t'anks.

Tall Girl said...

I had my forgetful life with him in the eighties. Glad that's over! He also tried to ruin my life when I broke up with him.