Friday, May 19, 2006

Everybody Panic! He's Got A Bomb!

Riveside, CA

About a week and a half ago 686 sticks of dyanamite, 30 pounds of potassium nitrate and a whole mess of fuel oil were stolen from a mining company in San Bernardino. About 600 sticks of it were recovered when a bag of it was left in the driveway of a fire station. Later the potassium nitrate and the fuel oil was found. So far all but 39 sticks of dynamite are accounted for. The FBI, BATF and local authorities had no idea who took it.

Well, now they do.

The jolly looking gentleman above is one Joshua Gawn, 33, of Moreno Valley, California. He is currently the chief suspect in the theft, being charged with one count of possessing explosives as a felon.

Mr. Gawn is, of course, nowhere to be found.

If you happen to know anything about his whereabouts, you should call the ATF's bomb hotline at the unimaginative number of 1-888-ATF-BOMB (283-2662). You probably don't want to tackle him yourself.

39 sticks of dynamite can make an awfully big bang.

1 comment:

Jim Winter said...

The 39 remaining sticks and the suspect can't be found.

Now all we need is a fresh crater of unknown origin and some scraps of raw mystery meat, and we'll know exactly where they are.