Friday, May 12, 2006

Score One For The Lap Dance

San Bernardino, CA

On a regular basis, communities like to get in the way of good old moral turpitude. Alcohol, cigarettes, donkey shows. And they usually win. I mean, when's the last time you saw a donkey show outside a Tijuana whorehouse?

In the case of the all nude Flesh Club in San Bernardino, though, the courts have told the city, "Suck it."

They now owe the club's owner, Roger Jon Diamond (God, I love that name) $1.4 million dollars.


David Terrenoire said...

It's always nice when there's a happy end to a story, especially if that happy end is naked and waggling in my face.

anne frasier said...

in minneapolis they razed an entire city block of strip joints and crack houses to replace it with a generic multi-plex and parking garage. (block E) seems like every week some unsuspecting suburbanite gets mugged and murdered there. nothing has changed other than the facade of a safe environment.

Lorax said...

Distraction is a good thing, especially when you can get a little behind in your work.