Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today's Mugshot - Suspected Rapist German Perez Ramirez

South Gate, CA

German Perez Ramirez is being sought by police as the primary suspect for two rapes that occurred Friday in South Gate.

I find myself wondering what brings a person to become a rapist. Rape isn't about sex, it's about power. Sex gets conflated with rage and this is is the way it comes out. What it is about his life that brought him to the point where this was even an option?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not excusing him. I think he should be hung by his nuts from a flagpole while hungry fireants swarm over him. I'm just wondering about the things that bring a person to this point.

It probably doesn't help that he's butt ugly.

Anyway, Mr. Ramirez is 6-foot-3, weighs 190 pounds, and lives in an apartment in Newell Street in Huntington Park. If you see him, or know where he might be, give the South gate PD a call at (323) 563-5436.


Trace said...

There are I think four types of rapists, but you're right. It is about power. I think that it's also about humiliation.

Here's a link I found interesting, and describes the different types of rapists:

There are so many of these scumbags out there that is' frightening.

Lorax said...

This is also about the opacity of individual experience, and the impossibility of rape in the mind of someone we (that is, you and I) consider rational and self-controlled.

One might as well consider the motival surges that propel the myriad human phages of Islamo-fascist terrorism. If we really grokked it, we'd be them - and that.

Anonymous said...

in the case of German Ramirez Perez, what makes him a rapist is rooted in the family he grew up. they have a tradition of sex, starting with his mother, aunts and grandmother. they all sleep with the same man and they also marry with each other. his brother marry his aunt from mexico the sister of german's mother. it is a normal lifestyle for them. this guy also had sex with his cousins and his aunts like his auntie Lilia Suarez de vasquez who was secret lover for many years. the sad part is that makes them think they can have sex with who ever they want to have sex and that is when they rape and force innocent young ladies that don't beleive it's right to have sex with anyone in the family. that is how this guy became dangerous to other females out there. watch out for him while he hides in Ensenada and many other parts of Tijuana Baja California in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

German Ramirez Perez is sick in the head. Twisted from childhood with the family he grew up with. That guy is ick and dangerous.