Friday, June 16, 2006

Aha! The Idiot Defense

Fresno, CA

Roger Hausman is currently standing trial for the attempted kidnapping of two underage girls in Fresno. The details are entertaining (took the girls out to find cars to repossess), though frankly, not very important.

What is important is that he's the prime suspect in a series of killings spanning from the mid Seventies to the late Nineties, which recent DNA evidence has linked together. Problem is there's no one to match to.

Well, somebody said that he said and so on and so forth. So now they're hoping to get a match on the DNA.

Here's the snag. He's an idiot.

In his court appearance for the kidnapping charges, Mr. Hausman has decided to defend himself.

I'm really having trouble thinking this jittery, drooling, pasty white guy managed to kill a series of black women (some linked to prostitution, some not) and a pimp over the course of close to fifteen years in South Los Angeles.

I don't care if you're a blind, legless midget in the middle of the freak tent at an Oklahoma carnie, this guy's gonna tag your weird-o-meter.


Sandra Ruttan said...

He might not be so dumb. He can appeal on the grounds of poor counsel later, can't he? Frankly, I can't believe anyone has the right to represent themselves. Isn't that like saying because I'm sick and have to have surgery, I have the right to operate on myself?

Angry in L.A. said...

I agree..this guy dose not look like he has the Charisma to be a L.A. pimp....these girls out there are pretty savy...I think they would eat him up for lunch.