Thursday, June 01, 2006

As Home Invasions Go, This Is Better Than Most

Redondo Beach, CA

No gunfire, no rapes, no injuries, no killing.

Two men broke into a Redondo Beach home Wednesday and held an 84-year-old woman, her daughter and son in law for an hour at gunpoint as they ransacked the place.

It's pretty ballsy. A home invasion robbery in broad daylight, holding hostages for an hour isn't something that happens a lot. The woman was alone at the the time that it happened. Her daughter and son in law showed up later, which means these guys had probably been casing the place for a while.

I'm glad it worked out this way. Let me try to put that statement into perespective.

Friend of mine, years ago, got hit in a home invasion in El Segundo. Her daughters were tied up, duct taped and stuck in the bathtub, the older of which managed to get out and get help.

By the time the police showed up the guys were gone and my friend had had her throat slit. She bled out on the way to the hospital. Last I heard the kids had been taken in by a mutual friend. That was, what fifteen years ago?

Losing some stuff is better than losing a life.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Back in the summer of '87, I was living in a shithole apartment in the St. Francis Hotel near the corner of Hollywood and Western Ave. There was a family of Mexican immigrants who lived three or four blocks up Western from that intersection. Their house or apartment (I forget which now) had been burglarized three times, but the cops either couldn't or wouldn't do anything.

So the father went out an bought a pistol on the street. Next time those bastards broke in, they'd be in for a surprise.

One night, not long after he bought the gun, the father heard a noise in the hall. He grabbed the pistol and crept out there. He saw a shadowy figure coming toward him. It appeared to be crouching. So he squeezed the trigger. And killed his three year-old child.

Nineteen years later, I can still see the father's tormented expression as it was captured by the swarm of TV cameras.

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