Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dressed For The Occasion

Pasadena, CA

43-year-old Daniel Silvers was picked up last night around 3am on burglary charges after police responded to a call from a Pasadena homeowner who saw him in his yard.

Of course, if this were a normal burglary it wouldn't be here. So what's the catch?

He was naked.

Gourdikian said officers were trying to figure out why Silvers was undressed.

Do you have any idea how hot it gets in Pasadena? Duh.

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Shellie Bracken said...

I hate to admit this but this is my EX husband and father of my children. I used to have the video of this news cast back in the myspace days. Im trying desperately to find the video archive so I can show my children how NOT to grow up to be a loser. I never speak bad of their father but oh how nice it would be to let the news speak for me. Naked pasadena burglar june 2006 daniel silvers