Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just Wouldn't Be The Same If It Were Beagles

Pam McKee, 52, and Jereme Miller, 78, were arrested after their eight pit bulls mauled 27-year-old Shawn Lee McCafferty to death outside their Mojave Desert Home.

Now, in theory, I like pit bulls. They're actually very sweet dogs. But they're too often trained to be hyper-aggressive, something they take to very well. In general, though, unless you're running a shelter, having eight pit bulls on your property is probably going to get you into trouble.

Provided that the meth lab you're running doesn't get you in trouble first.

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anne frasier said...

i read this post yesterday, then thought of it again today when a beagle started barking at me in the grocery store parking lot.

so scary. :D