Friday, June 09, 2006

On The Plus Side, They Might Already Have The Guy

Los Angeles, CA

The good news is that DNA is being used to possibly identify a serial killer who's been murdering prostitutes for almost twenty years, now. The bad news is that we have a serial killer who's been murdering prostitutes for over twenty years now and nobody knew it.

That's the blessing and curse of DNA. The LAPD has been culling through its backlog of forensic evidence, and believe me there's a lot of it, looking for anything that they can use in old murder cases.

Turns out that they found quite a treasure trove of one guy's DNA all over a series of slain prostitutes going back to the mid Nineties linking all the murders to each other. So they have a serial killer on their hands, but no DNA match.

Now, possibly, they just might.

Enter one Roger Hausmann, currently in custody in Fresno for allegedly kidnapping two teenage girls. He has a long history of problems with the law, the most notable spending 29 months for beating a prostitute with a steam iron.

Turns out he made some remarks about killing hookers in LA, so the Fresno DA got hold of the LAPD and asked if they had any idea what he might be talking about.

The L.A. Weekly has the details in an excellent writ up.

What I find the most disturbing about this is that we now have the ability to find connections that we never had before, and those connections are leading to some frightening results. It's like suddenly gaining the sense of smell and realizing you live in a sewer.

That said, let me also direct you over to The Crime Lab Project, spearheaded by the incredibly talented Jan Burke.

The point of the Crime Lab Project is to help get more money for the woefully underfunded forensics teams that help put criminals behind bars. Look, CSI is horseshit. Sure, the science might be right every once in a while, but do you have any idea how much this shit costs? Do you have any idea how often DNA evidence doesn't exist? Things don't wrap up nice and neat in an hour.

So check it out.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

I'm amazed no one has killed this guy yet.

Lorax said...

If the CSI producers had any real cojones they'd start a very public campaign to raise money to support the real-world stuff.

But that's about as likely, fuggedaboutit.