Friday, June 09, 2006

Some People Just Really Hate Fast Food

Paramount, CA

Over the course of the last few days, three fast food restaurants have been hit by armed gunmen.

In the first, three armed men robbed an El Pollo Loco in Norwalk Wednesday evening for $2000.00. No one was hurt. Last night At a McDonald's an armed man popped by and walked with money from the safe. Again, no one was hurt.

This morning, though, somebody got pistol whipped in the face when five shotgun toting men hit an El Pollo Loco in Paramount and got $3K from the restaurant and over $500 from the individual employees.

Though it's not known if these are related, police are particularly concerned about these due to the escalating violence. It shouldn't be long before somebody gets shot.

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angie said...

Okay...El Pollo Loco? Had to laugh out loud - there's a resort in Sedona called Poco Diablo that I refer to as El Pollo Diablo, complete with sound effects inspired by The Exorcist. Completely unrelated to the crazy chicken shootings. Er, sorry.

I jumped over from Anne's blog just to say Howdy! when I saw that you were planning on going to ThrillerFest, too. So, um, Howdy!