Monday, July 10, 2006

Another Example That Guns And Kids Don't Mix

Anaheim, CA

Giancarlos S. Serafin, 17, was found dead in his home from a gunshot wound originally believed to be self inflicted.

Until they couldn't find the gun.

He was discovered by his father around 5:30am when he returned from being out the evening before. The rest of the family was out on vacation, and no one was known to be in the house besides Giancarlos.

He had no criminal record, and apparently spent all his time either studying or playing soccer. My money's on a buddy screwing around with a gun and accidentally shooting him, rather than this being a murder for cash, or gang rivalry. But then, I'm a soft touch.

If you happen to know where Giancarlo was on Friday night, or who might have been with him, call the

Anyone who saw Giancarlos Serafin over the weekend is asked to call police at (714) 765-1968


Anonymous said...

I feel for this boys family, his mother was so heart broken. My mom grew up with his parents and it is just terrible, my aunt went to his funeral in Mexico and she says a doctor had to acompany the mother and the father did not go to the funeral wich I thought was rather strange.
The father was shot not long ago in Mexico himself. coinsidence??

Anonymous said...

A young boy with many goals ahead of him it is sad how someone would do this to someone who was very giving, generous, and down to earth guy.