Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Because "Cops" Just Didn't Capture The Glory of Taking Down White Trash

Los Angeles, CA

In case you were wondering if everybody is making a reality show these days, the answer is yes.

Sheriff Lee Baca has decided to create, not just one, but two reality shows detailing the day to day lives of the stalwart Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Dear christ.
With the working title of "The Assignment," Studio City-based 44 Blue Productions Inc. intends to film the daily activities of the department's personnel, including those working in the jails, detective bureau, specialized divisions and on patrol.

Great, so we get to follow a bailiff around as he tries to reason with an idiot crack addict in the Men's Central Jail. Yeah, baby. There's compelling television.
Los Angeles-based Scott Sternberg Productions Inc. would follow selected cadets through their training under the tentative title of "The Academy."

See, rooting for a guy to get through police training is something I could normally get behind. This shit is grueling. I couldn't have done it when I was 19. But the whole thing breaks down for me when I remember that these guys will be getting paid bupkes when they actually hit the streets. These are the men and women who have to patrol places like Compton, for chissakes.

The LASD gave permission to use its name and badges for a television show once, something called "10-8" that didn't do so well.
"They were doing a lot of locker room-type of harassment of new employees and creating scenarios that were more Hollywood-ish and sensational rather than just the daily work we really do."

Hmm. Maybe because the daily stuff is, I dunno, dull?

Well, if it's one thing we do well here in L.A. it's blur the lines between reality and fiction.


Chris Everheart said...

I don't know... I think the LASD is onto something... a show (or maybe even a movie?) about a bunch of nutty people coming together for police training and all the adventures they have along the way.

Get Steve Gutenberg on the phone. He might be interested.

Kelly Parra said...

There was a reality show on something like the Discovery channel, following the lives of a police detective and a bounty hunter as they investigated two cases. I guess what made it interesting was the frustrations they hit when a lead falls through, and the anticipation of getting closer to solving the crime or finding the criminal.

It was interesting to watch for storyline ideas, but not something I'd want to watch weekly. After all there's always COPS. ;)