Friday, July 28, 2006

But Did They Sing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"?

Reseda, CA

Two masked men, one of them armed, knocked over the Owl Cafe, a karaoke bar in Reseda last night.
Three customers were in the establishment at the time of the robbery, but none of them stayed to be interviewed by police...

Yeah, that's not really surprising.

If you've just spent your entire evening belting out badly synced Barry Manilow tunes through a haze of alcohol and cigarettes and bursting into tears every time "Mandy" comes up, all to get over your latest break-up to that screeching harpy who shattered your heart and tried to put a knife in your gut just because you slept with her two roommates and that dancer from the Jet Strip (you know, the one down on Imperial?), right before running you over when she tried to steal your car and ended up dragging you three blocks with your fingers stuck in the bumper (even if it was only five miles an hour, but still. Pavement chafes.), finally ending the relationship with a tire iron upside your head, well you wouldn't want to end up in a police report, either, right?

Now that I would know what that's like, of course.


Anonymous said...

Uh, the Jet Strip is on Hawthorne. You're thinking of Bare Elegance.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

I get those mixed up a lo... I mean, no. Wait. Not me. Someone else. Someone else who isn't me.

Where am I?

Elizabeth said...

Stephen, you scamp!

inkgrrl said...

Madam, I'll have you know that my husband is nothing so innocent as a scamp - he's an out and out scoundrel! And darned good at it, too ;-)

M. G. Tarquini said...

This is always such a cheery, uplifting place to visit.