Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Leave For A Few Days And Y'All Have Yourselves A Massacre

Los Angeles, CA

Last Friday, on 49th street in South Los Angeles, two gunmen stepped out of a car and opened up with assault rifles, point blank, on their targets. Not really an uncommon thing in south L.A.

What's puzzling about this one is that they killed an adult, Larry Marcial, 22, and two children, his nephew David Marcial, 10; a neighbor, Luis Cervantes, 17. A third child, David's brother, Sergio Marcial Jr., 12, was wounded.

Nobody's quite sure why.

There don't appear to be any gang connections. It looks as though it was an execution style killing. To send a message? Possibly. But to who? And why? And what is it?

Wrong place, wrong time? Did the killers fat-finger the address into MapQuest?

One theory, that Chief Bratton was quick to dismiss, is that it's race related. The killers were African-American, the targets were Latino. But even then, it doesn't make sense. Why that family? Why that street?

The city has put out a $105,000.00 reward for this one and Chief Bratton has dubbed this The 49th Street Massacre. I'm not surprised. Great way to piss everybody off in this town is if you start shooting children. And the details make it even worse.

They found 37 shell casings on the ground. The killers continued firing after the children were down on the ground. It's pretty clear they were children. Unless you're looking for dwarves it's tough to mistake a 10 year old for an adult.

The police have few leads. One actually, and that's only potential; security cameras from a convenience store across the street.

The autopsy is complete, but the LAPD have put a security lockdown on the findings. That means there's some pretty fucking gruesome shit in this one. And if you've ever seen what just one .30 bullet will do to a person from range, just imagine what this one's like. You could rip a man in half with an AK. I doubt there was much left of these bodies to examine.

So if you know anything, call the LAPD at 213-485-2129, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On weekends and during off-hours, call the 24-hour toll free number at 1-877-LAWFULL (1-877-529-3855). If outrage isn't a motivator, maybe $150,000 will be.

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