Friday, July 07, 2006

I Think This Qualifies As A Flight Risk

Los Angeles, CA

Back on New Years Day of 2004, in Maryville Tennessee, someone killed Vickie Irene Correll Hill, 32. The prime suspect, Stanley Blair Hill, 40, was charged with first degree murder.

Apparently, he was released on his own recognizance (I like that word - it sounds so official), because he failed to show up for his December 2005 hearing. Last Monday, he was picked up by LAPD during a routine traffic stop.

I don't know how Tennessee works, and from what I've heard I'm not sure I want to know (no offense, JT). What I don't get is why they released a first degree murder suspect in the first place.
Stanley Hill originally told authorities in a 911 call on Dec. 31, 2003, that his wife committed suicide. He allegedly said she hanged herself and that when he lifted her from a noose, her head hit the floor.

Autopsy results showed the evidence was not consistent with suicide and Hill changed his story. He then allegedly confessed he killed his wife because she wanted to die and re-enacted the events that led to her death with authorities present at their Maryville home.

Right. So they've got a confession, they've got autopsy results indicating foul play, they've got the suspect in custody.
According to court records, Hill's parents secured a $100,000 bond to free him from jail by using their Jefferson County home as security. He then disappeared on Nov. 20.

A hundred thousand bucks? That's' it? He planned her murder, showed the cops how he did it, and they release for a pissy 100K? I guess things really are more expensive in Los Angeles. Out here that'd run you at least three mil.

Oh, wait. This explains everything. Blount County is fucking cheap.
Berrong is searching for the most cost-efficient method of returning Hill to Blount County. He has explored the possibility of transferring him by the U.S. Marshals Service at a cost of $1,300 or by the private company Transcor for $3,000, the press release said.

I suppose it's a good thing. I mean, at least in Tennessee you know where you stand. 1st Degree Murder = $100,000.00.

I wonder what fraud costs you out there. Why? Oh, no reason.

Now, let's not be statist here. Far be it for me to not be fair and balanced. The LAPD only charged him with possession of an unlawful weapon. And this is how they found him:
Hill gave authorities a Tennessee driver's license with his correct name, which allowed officers to confirm he was a wanted fugitive. Officers also found false identification cards on Hill from Louisiana and Georgia that pictured Hill, but had different names and dates of birth.

Hill was accompanied by a 17-year-old juvenile who was reportedly a runaway from Naples, Fla. She was taken to a Los Angeles juvenile facility.

``A Smith and Wesson .38-caliber handgun and .38-caliber ammunition, a police baton, brass knuckles, a book -- `How to Change Your Identity and Erase Bad Credit,' along with a recipe for making dynamite and napalm,'' were found in Hill's vehicle according to the press release.

Okay, besides the S&W that could describe my trunk. Well, that and the 17-year-old runaway. I haven't had one of those in my car in years.

Wow. He's a winner. I can see why they're not in a hurry to get him back. Sounds like his mere presence would drop a state's IQ a notch or two. Good luck, Mr. Hill. Now get the fuck out of my town.


Kim Mizar-Stem said...

Throw in a rebel flag and some moonshine and that is every trunk in Tennessee!

Brett Battles said...

So he didn't even try to use one of his false

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Wait. I think that guy might be my father.

Kim Mizar-Stem said...

Rob - -

So - -you lost all of those photos you took right?

JT Ellison said...

I'm glad someone caught him!
We have a tendecy to lose sex offenders too. Then we put them on billboards. Tennessee Billboards -- the pedo's milk carton.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

What photos? Me take photos? I don't know what you're talking about. I've never taken any photos. Wasn't there. Didn't do it.

Uh-uh. Not me.

Chris Everheart said...

My wife is from East Tennessee.
I've been to Maryville.
Welcome to the world of hillbilly divorce.
Their customs are mysterious but effective.
I live in fear.

Sandra Ruttan said...

The pedo's milk carton - LOL!

I'm linking to this. Someone questioned with my book if a person accused of murder could really get out on bail, and I said with the right political connects and amount of money, anything was possible...


M. G. Tarquini said...

OMG! Uncle Stanley!

Bless you, Stephen! We hadn't heard from him in a dog's age! We thought maybe he lost the phone number.

Thanks for the update. I'll call Grandma and Auntie Florene.

angie said...

Ya'll ain't right, not right at all.