Friday, August 11, 2006

And To Think, This Is The Reduced Sentence

Los Angeles, CA

Back in 1996, Hyon Gu "Eddie" Kang, owner of a Koreatown escort service, went on a rampage of luring women from competing agencies to hotel rooms, then beating, raping and robbing them. All so that he could damage his competitors and fund his own agency.

He was convicted in 1998 on more than 40 counts. His dad posted $2.5 million in bail. The minute Eddie left the hoosegow, he left the country, heading back to South Korea before he was sentence to 271 years in prison.

I cannot imagine more misogynistic behavior. He got tagged for conspiracy, assault, robbery, rape, sodomy, and residential burglary. He targeted the women, not the owners of the businesses, relegating his acts to nothing more than damaging goods. I cannot imagine the kinds of rationalizations a man has to twist his mind into in order to do that.

In 2001 he was extradited to the United States to serve out his sentence.

But today, the court has, in its infinite wisdom, deemed Eddie much less of a danger to society than previously thought and have shaved his sentence down to a paltry 220 years in prison.

How is this better than the death penalty?


angie said...

Umm...'cause now he gets to be somebody else's butt monkey?!

Derek J Rogers said...

That's a social policy question, and it depends on the laws of each state, the prosecutor's discretion and strategy, and the findings of the jury.

Personally, I think the death penalty should be reserved for people who commit the most vile types of murder.

Brett Battles said...

Oh, Derek. Always so serious...

Wait, we're talking about the death penalty, aren't we? Oh, Brett. Always so flipant.