Thursday, August 17, 2006

Enough With The Stabbing, Already

All Over Southern CA

Whole lotta knifework going on these days.

There's last week's triple homicide in Northridge, and this week we've got two others.

Samantha Elizabeth Rothwell, 20, is being held behind the Orange Curtain for the stabbing death of Walter Rivas, 18, at the Hotel Huntington Beach. Apparently they had been partying a lot the last couple of days when Walter did or said something to seriously piss off Ms Rowell. It was all pretty much downhill from there.

And we also have Emilio Cruz Heredia, 40, who is in custody for the stabbing deaths of his girlfriend Carol Bloomfield, 36, and her son, Jonathan, 17.
Police said the family dog was also stabbed while trying to defend the mother and son, but survived.
He stabbed the dog? Oh, the man's gotta fry for that.


Rob Gregory Browne said...

Stabbing, ugh. That's gotta be one of the worst ways to go.

Anonymous said...

wow, i like how you arent sympathetic.. get your facts straight with some of these stories before you complain about them. k, thanks.

Anonymous said...

How cold hearted can you be? The comments made by you can be read by the family or friends of the victim. Ever think that it was just two different opinions or beliefs....and one just decided to say it was her way that was the right way. I just so happen to run by what you wrote and needed to make a comment. By the way the mother and father of the 18 year old will be in church today and be burying their son tomorrow. Just have some kind of sympathy for the victim or family and friends.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Anonymous, (maybe there are two of you and not just one, but for the sake of argument let's assume you're the only Anonymous).

I'm not quite sure what I said in this that could be construed as cold-hearted, though I'll admit to coming across that way in other posts. I am, admittedly, a bastard from time to time.

As to facts, here's what I said:

"Samantha Elizabeth Rothwell, 20, is being held behind the Orange Curtain for the stabbing death of Walter Rivas, 18, at the Hotel Huntington Beach. Apparently they had been partying a lot the last couple of days when Walter did or said something to seriously piss off Ms Rowell. It was all pretty much downhill from there."

Here's a quote from the news story where I pulled the information:

"The group had spent the previous day partying and had returned to the hotel, where they were standing outside on a patio smoking.

Rothwell got angry at Rivas, and returned to the room, allegedly getting a knife from her purse, Schroeder said. She returned to the balcony and allegedly stabbed Rivas, Schroeder said."

How is what I said different from what was said in the CBS news story?

My intention, and I apologize if this didn't come across, was to call out the stupidity of Ms Rothwell's actions. I don't know what happened. I don't know what was said. That's for the court's to figure out. Obviously whatever happened was enough to make her want to kill him. I won't conjecture what those things might have been, or whether they were deserving of such action.

Do you take exception to my lack of reverence in this tragedy? And yes, I do get that it's a tragedy. I hope that, if she is found guilty, that Ms Rothwell goes away for a long time. I wish that none of this had happened. I wish that idiotic twenty-year-olds could control their fucking rage a little better such that they didn't feel that sticking a knife into someone was an appropriate method for anger management.

I wish people would put down the goddamn weapons and fucking think for a minute before they decide that murder is a good idea. And yes, I do think this is murder. I can understand heat of passion if someone is cutting limes, gets pissed off and takes a swing with a knife they've already got in their hand. But to go and get a blade out of a purse? I'm sorry, at best that's second degree, though I suspect that things will be reduced to manslaughter.

Today is a terrible day for Water's family, and I hope that they can get past this tragedy. I know that this will stick with them. When someone close to you dies, for whatever reason, whether it's a heart attack or murder during a home invasion, you will never forget. Don't assume that just because I take a flippant tone with these things that I don't know what that's like.

I know that there will be tears and anger. I know that there will be questions, and depression. I hope at some point the family, his friends, and the people who only barely knew him can find peace.

Walter and his family are the victims here. I get it. But don't expect me to treat a supreme act of stupidity on Ms Rothwell's part with anything less than the derision it deserves.

Anonymous said...

So you believe everything the media tells you?? You write these news like its not sad and have no sympathy for it. Next time you want to post something like this, know who the person is you're writting about and dont believe everything the media tells you you idiot.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

I'll grant that the media isn't always the most reliable source of information. They're reporting what they know.

Since you seem to know more than I do about this situation, educate me. What happened? What is it I don't know? I can go on the information I have, and so far that's the only one I've got.

You seem adamant that I show some sympathy for, I assume, the murderer. Sorry, alleged murderer. I honestly can't understand why.

Did she do it? If not, who did? If she did, why? What is there about this situation that should change my opinion?

Otherwise, no, I don't have sympathy.

Anonymous said...

I never said i was on the murderer's side. I actually happen to know everything that happened. So please dont come off acting like this is some big joke.

Get your facts straight next time.
Seems like you dont do a very good job at it.

Anonymous said...

I am horrified to read your tastless "version" of just another stabbing. I have known this kid since he was 8 years old!! Mr. Rivas was a wonderful kid with a loving heart...I truly hope to God that his family and friends don't read this garbage!!!

Anonymous said...

walley was the greatest person ever.. he died for pretty much sticking up for his beliefs.. and i hope that people understand what actually occured that day.. and get the facts straight. RIP WALLEY <3

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:

I have know the Rivas family since Walter was a spark of joy in his Mommy's tummy. This is a tragedy of unprecedented proportions.
I observed over 200 teens in Palmdale, in agony as we all stood over Walter's coffin and put him in the ground. No one, let alone his parents and hundreds of teens,family friends, teachers and community members can believe this happened. FYI, Walter was an excellent student, guitar player, a very deciplined, spiritual boy, who didn't take any drugs or alcohol, and had never met this girl before that day, and believe me, all of us will be watching this
trial carefully and we must keep this story and his memory alive, by exposing the truth of what happened. I think this will be a wake up call everyone of why not to take drugs and to only hang with healthy piers, and to publically expose this epidemic. Yes,we have to stop the violence, which is escallating world wide. We have set up a website of photo's, one of Walters poems, the comments his father wrote and read at the funeral, and we have requested that a group of 350 Tebetian monks and Lamas who are in retreat in the mountains say prayers and send healing to the family. We sent Walters picture up to them yesterday so they can focus in, and to help free him and sooth the suffering of his family and friends, if that is possible.
By Monday or Tuesday the website will be live,

A devastated friend and extended family member.

PS. The word is that the argument was that he told this girl that he believed in God, and that's when she went and got the knife (This is alledged, of course, until this all comes out in court.) His last words were, "Tell my Mom I love her"

Tonight they are having a Benefit Concert in Palmdale for Walter and to honor his memory.

Anonymous said...

The website is amazing.

Sonic Arms Syko said...

listen, there's no reason in fighting over whether or not someone was being un-sympathetic. Those of us who knew walter are hurt by this, those of you who didn't will just see it as another stabbing, like we treat every other murder that happens, we live in a world were people kill people, we just go about our everyday lives when it comes around. We don't really care about what comes up in the news until it involves us, so let's just not argue. Seems like people are already troubled enough as it is.

Walter hated to see people in pain or at all angry, so stop fighting would you?

his mom doesnt want anything bad to happen to samantha, she really doesnt want them to do anything, she understands her child was killed, but she isnt looking for revenge. His mother already found comfort in that he is in a better place, so why is everyone else still fighting over whether or not someone is being sensitive?

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with this very last comment. Walter’s mother does want Samantha punished, and would like to see justice served. I should know, she is my mother too.

Anonymous said...

Sonic...why wouldnt she want something to happen to samantha.
She took the life of her child.

You idiot.

Anonymous said...

Samantha was my childhood best freind. i've know her since third grade and i am now 20
this is the most unbelievable shock to me. i don't know how to handle the situation.

Anonymous said...

well yo friend is crazy

Anonymous said...

for the walter rivas story.. he did not piss off that girl. he talked to her at the hotel because she was on her own. he made a comment about god and she turned around and told him she was the devil and was going to kill him. and she did. to the writer of the post please be more conciderate of how you are wording it. these are lives that are being taken away. walter rivas was a great guy... he will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Its over

Anonymous said...

you are horrible.. how could you be so rude. The family and friends of Walter Rivas are very very upset. This website is a shame. I happen to be very close to walter and today has been a horrible day being the one month anniversary since the tragedy. How about you get a heart.

Anonymous said...

so i came across this site, reading comments people say about my best friend, u guys talk like u guys knew him, there might be a few of u that left a comment that knew him, but the rest u guys have no clue what ur talking about, the media never once told the right story, everyone calls him walter. he never went by walter, he went by walley, walley never deserved any of this or said anything to deserve this, if u didnt know him u wouldnt understand how great this guy was, and i dont only say that cause he passed i say it cause i mean it, i think that people who didnt know him shouldnt post anything about him . for the people that do read this that knew him this will piss em off. people should respect his family and friends, its not just another stabbing. would it be if it was ur son brother best friend dad sister. i didnt think so, two citys r sad and it hurts to see this kind of bullshit written, dont disrespect my best friend and our friends or his family by posting dumb shit, -marcus

xmarcusx said...

another thing, to sonic, she was correct about what she had said about walleys mom not wanting to punish the girl who stabbed walley, i was there when she told us all she was no one to seal anyones fate, that she just wanted to understand she didnt want to hurt anyone, but i know must of us really just want samantha to suffer like we did, we want justice served like walleys bro said - marcus

Jeremy said...

honestly.. marcus hit the nail on the head.. everyone just leave the comments to yourself. i dont see why people incist on making obsurd comments to someones death. respect walley, thats all he wanted. no drama. kick back.

we all miss walley.. he was amazing.. no other way to put it. love you bro.

-Jeremy weber.

jamie said...

this is a little late, but i think i should just let this off of my chest. walley was my boyfriend and i just wish that he deserved a little more respect in this blog. a lot of people love him so much, and it hurts that there's so much controversy on what was said, etc. the fact is that he's gone and in heaven now. i don't think what he said should matter because that bitch had no fucking right to lay a hand on him. -jamie

Megan said...

I know this is very very old but one month from today it will be three years since Walter's murder. He and I were good friends for a time, we had art class together and he was a fantastic artist and brilliant writer. To this day I still miss him and keep in contact and say friends with his childhood friend who only lived up the street. I got to talking about him and saw this blog and then read some of the comments on here. Yes, Walter was and still is loved, but people were angry at the time of writing these comments and probably still are. But this blog only stated what the writer knew at the time... they didn't know details and I don't see how it came off as cold. Walter didn't deserve to die the way he did, but I know that he had no regrets in his life. He accepted everything that had happened and loved many in his life. Please, when someone does happen upon this blog as I have and you knew Wally, keep in mind just how exactly he would read this. I doubt he would accuse someone of being cold or get so heated about the things that are said on here. Always missing you Wally.

Anonymous said...

It's been almost 6 years since this terrible incident... I haven't wasted my time reading the banter back & forth between bloggers but I will say this: we all miss Walley every day. I'm glad Samantha Rothwell got 16 to life for her heinous crime that broke the hearts of so many of us including mine.

Everyone loved him we all still do.
I have him to thank in part for motivating my career choice.

Miss you Boo! Xo