Monday, August 21, 2006

A Good Reason To Own An Incontient Dog

Santa Ana, CA

Orange County law enforcement is trying something new, using the DNA of pets to help catch criminals.

Most labs aren't accredited to test animals, but the OC has found one, the Serological Research Institute in Richmond, California.
Hairs from a cat named on a bloody jacket to help linked a man to the murder of his estranged wife in Canada. And urine sprayed on a truck tire by an Iowa farm dog helped identify the man who tried to rape his owner.
This doesn't solve the backlog in DNA testing that's plagued law enforcement across the nation, of course, but it is a positive step. More tools in the forensics arsenal is always a good thing.

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Steve G said...

You got that right. I'm familiar with the 100th inocent man to be let out of prison for murder because of the advances in DNA testing. There's a book coming out soon.