Friday, August 18, 2006

An Important Lesson In Gun Control

Los Angeles, CA
Officers over those years shot themselves or one another nearly as often as they were shot by suspects.

So says an article over at the L.A. Times today. Seems that over the last twenty years there have been over 350 accidental discharges by LAPD officers, wounding 161 officers and more than two dozen suspects and bystanders.
Ninety officers were shot by suspects, compared to 68 officers who either shot themselves or were shot by other officers. (In three cases it was unknown whether the officer was wounded by a suspect's gun or by friendly fire.)
I wonder if the British have the same problem with accidental clubbings.

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Lorax said...

If the police are so prone to shoot themselves, what does that say for the life/limb expectancy of the unwashed, er, unschooled masses of ordinary gun owners, many (perhaps most) of whom have never had any formal instruction in firearms handling? the footless deputy you recently cited is another nail in this coffin.