Tuesday, August 01, 2006

They Just Don't Make Trunks Like They Used To

Pomona, CA

Two men were kidnapped from a Pomona alleyway in broad daylight yesterday. Apparently they were hanging out and talking in the alley when two guys showed up, maced them, and pulled out pistols. One of them was put into the passenger seat, and the owner of the car other was put into the trunk.

Good thing they make these things with trunk releases these days, huh?

He was able to jump out of the moving vehicle a couple of blocks away. His buddy in the passenger seat, not so much.
The second victim's identity is not known. He goes by the nickname of "El Chateco" and probably resides in the 800 block of Reeves Place.

Wait. He meets his friend in an alley and he doesn't know his name? Or where he lives? Exactly what kind of "friend" was this? The Colombian middle-man, supply and demand type of friend? The grab your ankles for a hundred bucks type of friend?

Something's not quite right here.

Either way, here's the car description in case anyone happens to see it.
...an early '90s dark gray Nissan Sentra with collision damage on the driver's door, a yellow ribbon sticker on the trunk and a small stuffed bear wearing sunglasses inside the rear window.

What, no license plate? Whatever, something tells me this is all going to turn out to be bullshit, later.

In case you see the car, or any of the other several hundred gray, damaged Nissan Sentras on the road, you can call Pomona police at (909) 620-2156.

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Elizabeth said...

Too funny! Where do you find these guys!