Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Where The Wild Things Are - July Crime Numbers

Los Angeles, CA

July's results are in. And they ain't pretty.

Homicide makes a 29% jump citywide with 45 to July's 35. Rapes are up too, 1181 to 1082 for a jump of 9% and we round it off with a 5% increase in aggravated assaults of 1261 to 1203.

On a happier note, child/spousal aggravated assaults are down 7%, so that's something. Let's not talk about shootings, though.

The 77th Street Division continues to be the shining jewel in the beleagured South Bureau's crown with a 167% jump in homicides and 40% jump in rapes over last month.

Amazing. For a place that's less than 12 miles square, that is one fucked up piece of property. Year to date they've had 47 homicides, 2% higher than last year's 46. Crime is supposed to be going down, people.


anne frasier said...

homicides have really taken a leap here in the last year. people are starting to call it murderapolis again. and an awful lot of it is random, which is also disturbing. i wonder if its up nationwide.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Jesus H. Christ!

I don't have stats for 2005 or this year, but in 2004 Maine had 19 murders, 313 rapes and 728 aggravated assaults. That's STATEWIDE. My county (Somerset) had a grand total of 1 murder, 17 rapes and 32 ag assaults in 2004.

It must be all the baked beans we eat...they keep people home and out of trouble.