Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fire Season

Inglewood, CA

Yet another burning corpse in Los Angeles. This time in Inglewood. In the last couple of weeks we've had, what, four of these? Five? I've lost count. I'm not suggesting that they're at all related, of course. They're in different areas, have different MO's, etc. But I have to wonder what the hell is up with all the burning bodies.

Did somebody burn on CSI? Gilmore Girls? Pokemon? Where are you people getting this? As ways to obscure identity it's not very effective. You still have dental records, facial reconstruction, DNA matching. So either you don't know how it works (very possible) or you're really, really pissed off (also very possible).

To the residents of Los Angeles, stop setting dead people on fire. Jesus. Can't you come up with something less messy? A trash compactor, maybe? How about a hole? What's wrong with a goddamn hole? It's bad enough you're killing people in the first place, do you have to stink up the streets with barbecue?

So stop it, already.


Anonymous said...

Hey now...don't take all the credit. At least 4 of them were in the Inland Empire. Now, I don't know about L.A., but have you ever tried to dig a hole out here? You'd have better luck digging through concrete with a spork.

I vote for sticking the body through the wood chipper and feeding it to the dairy cows. Better for the environment - less pollution, and it could even be considered recycling, right?

Anonymous said...

Shoot, they found a burning body here in little old Port Arthur,Tx
looks like people are really losing it

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bcuz they set the car on fire was what killed im =[
miss him more and more each day </3