Friday, September 15, 2006

Lady In The Water

Newport Beach, CA

Yesterday, a woman was found wrapped in a blanket and floating in Newport Harbor.

Though information is slow to come out, Newport police have identified the woman. Release of the name is pending notification of her family.

The autopsy is still pending, but it appears that the woman was stabbed. Police have reason to believe that she was killed in her condominium and taken to the harbor later. Bloody bedding was found nearby.

This is actually pretty quick work. My hat off to the Newport police for their speed in getting this far.


Elizabeth said...

Somehow this story makes me sad. I can't help but wonder what the poor woman went through in her last moments. Good for the Newport Police. I hope they are as successful in catching the murderer.

JM Burns said...

The thing that really drove me nuts about this story was the way local news played it ... helicopters flying over the scene, shot of the cops doing their thing at a dock in the harbor and -- no information at all. No wonder most local news viewers spend lots of time hiding under the bed, with the doors locked and a nine by their side. Reporting is one thing; fear mongering, another.