Friday, September 15, 2006

A Milestone He Probably Wishes He Could Have Avoided

Santa Ana, CA

Robert Castillo, 34, of Orange County was found guilty yesterday of forcible rape, forcible sodomy and kidnapping in a 1995 rape case that had gone unsolved until he became the 100th person in the state to be arrested due to DNA.

He was picked up on a parole violation a while back, allowing the state to get a DNA sample. His DNA was then submitted to a statewide database in 2002. Years later, while combing through the backlog of cases, they got a hit.

Castillo faces 25 to life. Let's hope he gets the whole magilla.

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Break_n_free said...

I know someone who works for the probation department...If you are own probation for what ever reason they are ordering DNA testing. If you steal a pack of gum they want to know how to find you in the near or distant future.