Monday, September 25, 2006

A Simple Rule: Don't Shoot The Baby

Baldwin Hills, CA

Yesterday, Cesar Avila, 24, was taking his two daughters out of the family car when a minivan pulled up outside their apartment. An armed man stepped out, identified himself as a gang member, and proceeded to shoot at the man and his children.

Avila was injured and his three-year-old daughter was killed.

There's no evidence Avila was in a gang. Certainly, the three-year-old wasn't, unless they're jumping them in early these days.

I've mentioned before that I'm for the death penalty. I actually realized recently that I'm not. It takes too long, sucks up too much time and money, sometimes it's the wrong guy (interesting order of priorities there, huh?), and so on.

What I realized, actually, is that I'm for, as my dad used to put it, "killin' people what need killin". I understand this is a popular pastime in Texas. I can only hope that someone finds this monkey fucking, trout stroking, shiesse video fluffer, strings him up to the nearest utility pole and takes potshots at him with a nail gun. Maybe a kneecapping or two for good measure. I think I've got an air compressor and a crowbar if that'll help.

You don't fucking shoot children. Period. This guy's already blown his chance at being a semi-decent cog in the human machine. He needs to be removed from the gene pool in as violent and prejudicial a manner as possible. The only highlight to this is, considering his lifestyle choices, someone's likely to do that before too long. Preferably sooner rather than later.

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David Terrenoire said...

You don't fucking shoot children.

Spoken like a man who doesn't have any.

Trust me, shooting a few children just might straighten the rest of 'em up.

Now get off my lawn.