Monday, October 16, 2006

And The Man In The Back Said Everyone Attack

Fontana, CA

I was having a conversation last night in a bar about why so many people seem enamored of their high school reunions. My take on it is that that was the one time in so many people's lives where they felt they'd actually accomplished something. The time and place where they believed they had reached some sort of pinnacle.

For the record, high school sucked, and the only way I'll ever go back is if I've got a gallon of gasoline and a roadflare. If that's the pinnacle of my life I should just shoot myself now.

Now, if I'd had a riot at my high school, that'd be a different story.

500 students. And it all started with a fight between two of them.
Fontana police Sergeant Doug Wagner says authorities don't know if the fight was gang related or racially motivated.
Back in my day it was neither. But then, we didn't have riots 500 students strong. More's the pity.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

I skipped my ten-year reunion, even though I was in town at the time. My twentieth is next summer and the chances of my attending that one are slim to none. High school sucked, and I've been keeping in touch with the few people I actually like from those years, so I see no point in going to a reunion.

David Terrenoire said...

I've never attended any of our reunions. The people I want to see I see. The others? They can look me up if they're interested, and in the past year, some of them have.

But I left that little town when I was 18 and haven't been back more than a few times for weddings and once to get my flagpole polished.

I have to say, she was worth the trip.

High school was the nadir of my experience so far and hell, I was in the Army. Even that was better.

Aldo said...

Reunions are so old school and east coast. Haven't been to one, with the expection of the one with my wife where I hung with Heather Locklear and Tommy Lee.

Mike Sperry said...

Yeah, if they wanted a riot at ESHS, they'd have to import it.