Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Armed, Dangerous And Fuzzy

San Pedro, CA

Back on the 15th, David Carl Franklin was fatally beaten to death in San Pedro.

Two 18-year-old suspects have been identified, Oscar Gomez, who is being held by police, and Mario Lemus, who is currently on the run.

How do you pronounce that? Is it a short e, like lepus? Or is it a long e, like lemur? Either way, he sounds like an adorable, little animal. Something to run over on the highway, skin for a hat and throw back to the vultures. Maybe something tie a string to and wave around as a cat toy. Or throw to the dogs as a midnight snack.

Yeah, I know. I have issues. Tell me something new.

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Driveby in Lovely Colton said...

I think I know where he went. Take a look at the street name from the link above....

Sorry...I couldn't resist. There must be something seriously wrong with me.