Thursday, October 26, 2006

BOLO: Large Cartoon Coyote, May Be Armed With Anvil

Pasadena, CA

Shantie Maraj, 62, of Eagle Rock went to work last Saturday in Pasadena and unfastened the rope on the flagpole so that she could raise the flag.

Unfortunately, she didn't notice the shopping cart that had been hoisted to the top the night before.

She's currently in the hospital in serious condition and the police are looking for the perpetrator.

Was this a prank, or was it planned? I picture shadowy toons laying traps for unwary grocery store clerks. Did anyone think to check the cart for an ACME label? Next thing you know, pianos are gonna come crashing from the sky, parachutes will be packed with bowling balls, elephants will fly.

A word of advice. If you hear "Powerhouse" find cover.


Steve G said...

Just stopped by from Angie's site. Man that is a dirty trick. Acme cart, funny.

Anonymous said...

First, what a STUPID thing to do. Was either a bunch of kids thinking they were funny, or a bunch of drunk guys thinking they were funny (which is about the same as a bunch of kids, but even dumber...).

That said, it is pretty hard to miss a shopping cart on a flag pole. Am I the only one who gets the instinctive urge to look up if I'm going to untie a rope that leads up a flagpole to a pulley? I'd hate to share a road with a driver that unaware of his/her surroundings. I'm not putting any blame on her at all - I feel terrible about what happened to her and her family, but YIKES...

angie said...

I shouldn't laugh...but damn, that's funny. Painful funny, but funny nonetheless.

Curse you, ACME!!