Thursday, October 26, 2006

Everybody Comes To L.A. - Even The Death Squads

Los Angeles, CA

Gonzalo Guevara Cerritos was a Salvadoran janitor living in Los Angeles for the last 11 years. He went to work, he came home. He went to church on Sundays.

Oh and there's this little detail about how he was involved with El Salvadors Death Squads and was convicted of murdering a chuch full of sleeping priests.
A sublieutenant with the Atlacatl Battalion during El Salvador's war against the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, a leftist guerrilla group...
In 2003 the ICE formed a group to investigate and get rid of immigrants in the U.S. who had been involved in things like genocides and war crimes. They picked him up last week.

Apparently, murdering half a dozen priests in the dead of night qualifies. Who'da thunk?

He was pardoned in El Salvador but came to the U.S. thinking that it would be safer for him. What I don't understand is why he came to Los Angeles. This is Salvadoran Central. During the war L.A. was flooded with Salvadoran immigrants. One of the reasons the, oh Christ, I hate this word but I can't think of what else to use, notorious gang Mara Salvatrucha was created here.

It was only a matter of time before someone recognized him and blew the whistle. He's currently holed up in a detention center in Lancaster awaiting a deportation trial. Have fun in El Salvador, Gonzalo. I'm sure they're just itchin' to see you down there.

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David Terrenoire said...

He's probably one of the few people to be held accountable.

Jesse Helms is doddering into a peaceful senility, John Negroponte is Secretary of Iraqi Torture, Bill Casey died in his sleep, George HW Bush has a key to the White House (as long as he calls first) and Ollie North, the Marine whose negligence got other Marines killed in Vietnam, is a commentator on Fox News.

Too bad these bastards can't be deported to El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua or Honduras.