Friday, October 20, 2006

Guess I Better Pack My Stuff

Los Angeles, CA

The Alvarado Inn Towner Motel is one of those motels. Rooms by the hour, business at night, frequently visited by the LAPD.

And is now being shut down.

The Rampart area motel has been locked in a long court battle with the City Attorney's Office since 2001 over its practice of hourly room rates. After numerous injunctions against the Motel, which they've all but ignored, the court finally ordered the place closed.

First the City Council votes to force hotels to keep records for 90 days, now this. They're biting into a lucrative night time market of supply and demand here. Now where will all the crack whore and crank dealers ply their trade? Looks like it's back to turning tricks inside construction site porta-potties.

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Break_n_free said...

Glad to here it....those type of can make a sober sex addict twitch.