Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The New Point And Laugh Camera

Newport Beach, CA

Paul Charles Dishno, 39, was sentenced to six months for exposing himself to eight young girls, six at Northwood Elementary School in Irvine and two, more creepily, after following them as they were walking along a trail.
The girls, who were taking photos with a digital camera, turned their attention to Dishno when he whistled, then allegedly saw him across the ravine exposing himself and masturbating, Grogan said.

One of the girls took a photo of Dishno that was handed over to police. She later identified him in a photo lineup.
I see a lot of giggling and, "You call that a penis?" jokes.

Six months. Great. He'll be back flapping his todger in time for Spring Break. Let's hope that's all he does.

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Anonymous said...

What are you, ignorant? I have to know. Who are you to post this these "police blotter" b.s. without knowing what you are talking about? I'd really like to know. Who are you?