Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One More Time, Leave The Kids Out Of It

Compton, CA

Over this last weekend Compton had three more homicides. Hardly a record, of course, but I think it's noteworthy because one of the victims was an 11-year-old boy, who happened to be in a car with his father, 46-year-old Derrick Andrew Kellum. Both died. Kellum's other son, who was with the pair in the car, was able to run to safety.

It's unclear why Kellum was where he was. But really, that doesn't matter. He could have been affiliated with a gang, he could have been a church leader, he could have been a goddamn accountant. What matters is that some asshole is bringing children into this.

These days there is no such thing as innocence. Maybe there never really was. Maybe all it's ever been is ignorance and naivete. Regardless, eleven is too young to die from a misplaced shot. Or from anything else, for the matter.

Everyone deserves a chance. Let them have theirs.

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kie said...

damn thats some real shit..whats makes it even worst is that derrick wasnt in a gang or a bad person. He was a great person and his death has affecte me greatly and not only him but his baby my lil man Octavis. I loved them so much and they r missed. All of this is over Derrick getting robbed and wanting his wallet back... So damn sad..R.I.P Derrick and Taddy(Octavius)