Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Out With A Whimper

San Quentin, CA

Robert Jackson Thompson has been on death row since benig convicted of sodomizing and strangling to death 12-year-old Benjamin Brenneman in Anaheim, who came to his door to sell him a newspaper subscription in 1981.
Over the weekend the slow moving wheels of justice took a backseat to twenty years of bad prison food when Thompson, now 60-years-old, died of a heart attack.

Benjamin's mother, Kay Brenneman, is a little upset, saying, "I'm angry and feel like I got robbed because he never got executed."

At what point is vengeance satisfied? Would the execution have been enough for her and her family? Would throwing the switch have been enough? Would torturing him over a weekend with hot pokers and rabid weasels have done it? Somehow I doubt it. Nothing's going to bring back Benjamin. I have to wonder what sorts of things bring closure to the families of victims?

I'm glad Thompson's dead, but I have to think that he got off light.

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David Terrenoire said...

I think they should turn his body over to the house necros, let 'em get a little action in before they plant the bastard.