Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ah, The Innocence of Youth

Murietta, CA

Back in 2005 enterprising young man Michael Ward, then 19 years old, was picked up on charges of pimping. Seems he was running a prostitution ring in Murietta. He advertised underage girls over the internet on

After his computers were confiscated, but he was nowhere to be found, seems he called the cops to gloat, which led to his arrest in Houston, Texas. Enterprising, yes. Smart, not so much.

Oddly enough, that's not what this story is about.

While in jail awaiting a hearing on the charges, which, incidentally, he pled guilty to, his phone calls were monitored. During the time he was in contact with several people who allegedly engineered the attempted murder one of his prostitutes.

The girl, 16-years-old, was considered a snitch and he decided she should be taken out.

Preliminary hearings on the charges of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a crime and gang allegations are being held. The defendants in this are Desiree Liana Delfin, Ira Henry Hatchett, Andre Jeriel Jacques, Sylvana Janee Hines, Shaunta Asune Rankin, Michael Durrell Ward, Tommy Jacquett and Michael's mother, Damita Ward.

Mom's the only one not in custody and allegedly engineered the plot. Ah, a mother's love knows no bounds. Unless she's facing a lifetime prison sentence, of course.

Then fuck the little bastard.

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Anonymous said...

Of all the defendants in this case, Ira Hatchett the only defendant who represented himself and the only defendant that proved that the investigating officer, Detective Phil Gomez, LIED in his initial sworn affidavit that he used to obtain the bogus arrest warrant...Hatchett, the only defendant found not guilty now has filed a civil rights claim against the rogue cops responsible for his wrongful incarceration and is actively assisting in implementing a new process of check and balance within "THE SYSTEM" that would keep additional situations of wrongful incarceration from occuring in our community and surronding county courts. As a taxpaying citizen of California, write Murrieta Police Chief, Mark Wright at 24601 Jefferson Ave., Murrieta CA 92562 (951)304-2489
and let him know he is WRONG - - let him know his police officers are WRONG - - and that you don't want to keep paying higher city and state taxes because the police are telling dispicable lies and falsely implicating innocent people in very serious crimes that continue to leave the city vulnerable to huge dollar civil rights settlements for the gross violations of the civil liberties of black men in Riverside County.