Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Congratulations! That Gets You The Death Penalty!

Eagle Rock, CA

Jennifer Flores was murdered last August. She was dragged behind a truck and left for dead. The evidence, a quarter mile of blood, bone and belt-sanded flesh, led from the site of her body to the home of L.A. Fire Captain David Jaime Del Toro.

Police obtained a search warrant for his home and found blood in teh living room, as well as in the kitchen sink. He was arrested and charged with her murder. Released on a one million dolalr bond, he was facing 25 years to life.

Today, though, things are looking a little more bleak for Mr. Del Toro.

He's now facing additional charges of torture and the special circumstance of murder involving the infliction of torture. She suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and a variety of other injuries before finally being strangled and driven down the street.

With the additional charges he's looking at the death penalty. Though there seems to be a lot of evidence against him, I mean, come on his truck's covered in the woman, the death penalty is a slow and arduous process in California. It could be a good thirty years before he gets his little shot of happy juice.

Or the state could get lucky and the Upright Prisoner's Brigade will shiv him in the exercise yard. I know, wishful thinking.


Daniel Hatadi said...

Brutal. How'd the bastard get hold of a million?

Stephen Blackmoore said...

A million isn't that much for a bond, really. Not out here and not for that kind of crime. The prosecutor was shooting for 5 million, but the judge shot that down. Guess they figured he wasn't a flight risk. Betting right now he's wishing he was.