Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Always The Ugly Ones

Monterey Park, CA

Terry Lee Shields, 51, was picked up at the beginning of October at an internet cafe in Bellflower on suspicion of kidnap, rape, forced oral copulation, lewd acts with a child and possession and production of child pornography. He's linked to the sexual assaults of four children.

At 6-feet, 350-pounds, he's a big-un. That's him up there. Pretty, no? The sheer mechanics of what might have been in some of those photos boggle the mind. Child pornography is bad enough, but dear Christ. Take a look at him.

Cops hit him with warrants at three locations, netting a whole shitload of porn, more than 10,000 photos, many of them with children.

Taking a closer look at things, the Special Victims Bureau thinks that there might be more victims and would like the public's help.

Now here's where I muse on the motives of the press. In the article CBS says,
Shields, who drives a 2002 burgundy Kia, license plate 4WXT339, is scheduled to make his next appearance at the Bellflower Courthouse, 10025 E. Flower Ave. Wednesday at 8 a.m.
Something I've noticed since starting L.A. Noir is that the local news is particularly bad at identifying places. They might have a block or a wide area, but rarely do they have a specific place. And almost never a time. Especially for things that haven't happened, yet.

So, are they hoping someone pops him outside the courthouse? Are they willfully trying to endanger his life by chronicling his crimes and giving a time and place? And what's with the license plate and car description? He's already been picked up. The cops aren't looking for him. Besides, he's kind of hard to miss.

Or are they just giving the public a heads-up that there's a sexual predator out on bail and to keep an eye out?

Now, I added the Google Maps link. And I reprinted part of their article. Does this make me part of their nefarious plan? Do I have a nefarious plan of my own? Am I just a pawn in the great game of the Media? Is this all nothing but a bunch of recursive, self referential bullshit?

Well, whatever. I'm sure he won't last long in any case. On the outside the locals will have his hide and on the inside they'll shiv him in the exercise yard. Pedophiles aren't exactly well regarded in any community.


Kim Mizar-Stem said...

You pawn you!!!!!

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

You might have heard about this.

Last Easter, a guy from Canada was visiting his father in Maine. He browsed the state's sex offender registry on the Internet. Then he swiped his dad's truck and went to the homes of two convicted offenders and blew them away. The police caught up with him as he was boarding a bus in Boston, and he killed himself.

Think he found the pervs' houses using The Google?