Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Plots With Guns" Burns The Body

I found out about Plots With Guns too late to really do anything with it other than marvel at the incredible writing. By the time I pulled my head out of my ass long enough to think about submitting to them they were gone.

Well, sort of. The archives still exist and you can peruse some of the best crime fiction out there. Until Decemebr 11th, that is.

Anthony Neil Smith, one of the founders, has announced that Plots With Guns will be officially going dark on that day. The archives will be no more.

If it wasn't for Plots With Guns and a couple small books called "Gun Monkeys" by Victor Gischler and "Burn" by Sean Doolittle, I probably never would have gotten into this whole sordid crime writing mess in the first place.

To all of the people who made Plots With Guns the kick ass publication it was and to all the people who carry on the tradition in Murdaland, Thuglit and Demolition, thank you.


inkgrrl said...

Gah, can we or will they mirror it somewhere???

Anonymous said...

Funny, after Blue Murder folded, I dedicated myself completely to novels and missed the whole PWGs thing. Damn.