Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Size Matters Not

Palm Springs, CA

Jason Lee Gillespie, 29, of San Diego, was arrested after a car chase through Palm Springs. He finally got a flat tire forcing him out on foot where he had his ass handed to him by a rookie cop with one year experience. Here's the part I love:
Police noted that the officer is a 5-foot-2 woman and the suspect is 6 foot 5 and weighs 235 pounds.

A backup officer arrived as the woman yanked the suspect off the wall. That was when police noticed Gillespie had an Uzi strapped to his shoulder.
Turns out Gillespie is a suspect in a murder investigation in San Diego. They think the Uzi might have been used in the murder.

A passenger in the car is still out there. If he's hanging with the likes of this guy it's a good bet he's not someone you want to fuck with. Unless you're an unidentified 5 foot 2 rookie cop.

Speaking of which, I want a name, dammit. Who is this mystery ass-kicker? Somebody buy her a beer.

On an unrelated note, this story reminds me a lot of this gentleman's work. You'll have to read his books to find out why.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a certain Rhoadesian element to this story.

Elizabeth said...

Mystery ass-kicker is my new hero!