Friday, December 22, 2006

Graham Powell Appreciation Day

Graham Powell, one of the hardest men in show business... No, wait. That's Ron Jeremy, isn't it?

Well, at any rate, one of the hardest working men in blogosphere crime fiction. How about that? As to the size of his schlong, though, I couldn't tell ya.

His site, CrimeSpot is a repository of all, or at least many, of the crime fiction related blogs out there. You want to know what's going on? Check CrimeSpot.

Graham has worked his ass off in putting it together, keeping it live. It's like one stop shopping for murder, death and destruction. I'm proud and delighted that he's stuck this site on it. I mean, it says a lot about a guy who'll let titles with FUCK in bold letters appear next to blogs on cat cozies.

Clearly, it's not a family show.

Thanks Graham. Thanks for all the hard work, for all the time you've spent dealing with code, and RSS feeds and the various ups and downs of Blogger Beta.

And in appreciation of Mr. Powell, I think it's only fitting that we say a few things about this hardcore man's man (not, you know, that way).
  • When Graham Powell cries he cries tear of liquid fire that flows from his eyes and engulfs his enemies.
  • Graham Powell is not only bulletproof, but also immune to knives, staph infections and the clap.
  • Graham Powell once turned back the Might Mississippi River, just by peeing in it.
  • Graham Powell's presence is such that women swoon the moment he walks in... to the county.
So go visit the site, boys and girls. You won't be disappointed.

Because that's the only thing Graham Powell doesn't know how to do.


Graham said...

Ha. I wanted to show my 9-year-old son what I'd been working on. The post at the top of the page? ANOTHER FUCKING ANTHOLOGY.

Graham Powell said...

hey graham! another graham powell heard from. guess i should swear now.


great name anyway!

see you out there!